Winter checks, safety, carefull driving, dark nights, be prepared.

Winter driving

We have already seen a little bit of winter recently, so you might want to have a check over your car to make sure it is ready.

Simple checks;

For your own, and your passengers comfort and safety you should consider the following;

*Check all the lights work you may need someone to help with this.
*Check you have increased the mix ratio of your windscreen washer water. Up to 50% mix if necessary to prevent freezing and clear screens quicker.
*Have your battery checked. A sudden cold snap can kill an apparently fit but old battery.

*Check  your wipers are clean and not worn. Your wipers should clear your screen when in use.

*Check anti-freeze levels and top up as required.
*Make sure your tyres are up to the job. Coming into the winter months a minimum tread of 3mm, anything less change them!

This is just a guide.

For more information follow the link – winter driving



Another important thing to remember, Speed limits are just that! They are not “speed targets”. At this time of year it is even more true when roads are dark, damp, slippery and congested.
The “safe speed” is the only speed that matters and that speed is the speed at which you can travel safely and risk assess the environment ahead and, if necessary, stop in the distance you can see to be clear on your side of the road without hitting anything!