Welcome To Our New Website

Welcome to our new website.

We have made a lot of changes this month so we decided to make a clean sweep and replace the old website which was starting to look old and tired, so we hope you like the new look.

IMG_0737Having a child diagnosed with Autism and looking at what restrictions might be placed on them, including the inability to drive, we decided to get some advice and learn more about the learning restrictions of this and other developmental conditions to see if we could find a way of teaching these people to do what everyone else took for granted, passing the driving test and having the freedom that having their own car gives them without relying on friends and family.


Since then, Neil has trained many drivers in both manual and automatic cars to do just that. It may take a little longer, some may never have even rode a bike as a child and so have no knowledge of the Highway Code. Others have to be taught to make decisions, all basic stuff to you and me but when someone has had all their needs taken care of they now have to get used to thinking for themselves. However, because Neil covers such a large area geographically, driving backwards and forwards to change cars from manual to automatic can take up a lot of his time, time that could be spent on teaching someone else this amazing life skill. So, we have decided to dispose of the manual car (once the current customers pass their test) and focus on the automatic car.

There are so few automatic cars available for driving tuition and not all instructors have the patience to teach those who need constant coaching, especially in the early days. You don’t have to have a disability to learn to drive with Exceed, we teach all levels of ability, we just seem to have developed a reputation for achieving what other instructors have walked (or driven) away from. So, if you want to drive an automatic car give us a ring or complete the contact form and we’ll get back to you. If you’re nervous about driving, maybe you’ve had a bad experience previously, ring for a chat, you don’t have to commit to anything but we know that if you really want to learn to drive, we can get you there.