As driving instructors we can only advise people about their readiness for test!

You may think you are driving well when the instructor is:

Telling  you when to change gear!

Asking you what the speed limit is!

Talking you through every manoeuvre!

Telling you which lane you need to be in!

Reminding you what exit you need to take on a roundabout because you forget!

Helping you when you can’t work out if there is enough space for you to get your car through!

If all or any of the above apply to you, then you are not test ready!

When the door shuts and it’s just you and the examiner, the car is the loneliest place to be, when you make a mistake and your brain goes to mush it’s the worst feeling ever!

Remember those family and friends  who urge you to “just have a go” for the experience, aren’t the ones having to go through it, people have very selective memory’s when it comes to driving tests!

Remember, it’s YOU doing the test, no one else, no phone to Google answers, no help from anyone else, just YOU,

If you are up to standard, you will still be nervous, but you won’t be doubtful of your ability!

Go look in the mirror and have a straight talk with yourself!

Would you take an A level if you hadn’t studied enough and then expect to pass it?