ADI/PDI Development and Training

PDI Training/Development

At EXCEED we have a proven track record of taking both brand new PDI (EXCEED customers) and PDI from other schools to a successful test pass.
We believe strongly in “one to one” tuition as being the only way to tutor candidates as the exam is very challenging, candidates must be fully prepared for it and not simply spend half their time watching others being tutored from the back seat!
Our trainer holds the appropriate DVSA ORDIT qualification as well as FLEET accreditation and is a LGV/Motorcycle licence holder (ex m/c trainer).


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If you would like any further details please click ‘contact us’  in the red box above. Our Instructor will gladly ring you back at a convenient time and arrange a face to face meeting if you are interested in going forward with the training.

ADI Standards check

The ‘Standards check’ is quite simply an assessment of YOU, the ADI, carried out by DSA and designed to check that you are providing effective tuition at the correct level to a pupil. There is an awful lot of ‘urban myth’ surrounding the check test; what you can do, what you can’t, what to say, what not to say – enough to be quite confusing if you are approaching your first standards check, or perhaps have done one or more before but never really felt as though you were really in control.


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At EXCEED we have a proven track record of taking both first timers successfully through their first test and ‘rescuing’ established ADIs who have for whatever reason slipped below the appropriate standard. We can and will show you what you need to know, highlight and focus on any development areas and work on these to ensure that you are prepared for the standards check.

Any standards check development should however be viewed as part of your overall long term development, part of your CPD, and be reviewed regularly. We recommend re-assessing your skills regularly. This represents good value for money as it keeps you on the ball and should mean next time the standards check comes around it will be much less of an ordeal and potential expense. More importantly it will mean you are constantly performing at a higher level with your pupils complete with all the business rewards that you would expect from this.