Heavy rain can restrict vision, reduce tyre grip and frankly be a little bit scary.
Firstly, and I know I say this an awful lot but, slow down, create more space around your vehicle to think and respond to others.
Use headlights to see and be seen, use air con to keep the inside windows mist free and make sure your wipers are working and effective.
Try to avoid puddles where safe to do so, if you have to go thru a big puddle, drive thru slowly resisting the temptation to create “splash”. Car engines (and pedestrians) do not respond well to being soaked in water. Testing brakes gently after is often a good idea.
Aqua planing is potentially very dangerous as you will have lost control of braking and steering – to restore grip ease of the gas pedal and the tyres will reconnect with the road safely.
Keep safe… stay safe…