If you’re struggling with what to buy people for Christmas, or even stuck when asked what you would like for Christmas, why not ask us about our  gift vouchers? We can tailor the voucher to meet your requirements, from one hour to a 10 hour block (or more if it’s for someone special)

With the approach (and passing) of Christmas and New Year comes the cold frosty weather most drivers dread. Before you set off make sure your car is ready! The newer drivers already know the safety checks for fluids and lights, make sure you’re checking them daily, and top up your anti freeze now if you haven’t done so already. Make sure your lights, wing mirrors, windows and number plates are clear of frost and snow (that doesn’t mean a small clear space in front of your face), you need clear all round vision including inside (demist). You also need to give your engine a couple of minutes to warm up in cold weather,  but DON’T leave your car running while you nip back in for a cuppa, it takes seconds for someone else to jump in and drive it away and your insurance will be invalid!