• Slide 01 "What a fantastic Instructor, extremely patient, friendly and always explained things well. He made things easy and fun to learn, I am so thankful for his time and patience and would definitely recommend him."
    - Miss F. Robinson
  • Fleet Training Slide "Thank you both (Instructor and Office) for all the support you gave me and for all the hard work and time you both put in that allowed me to pass. Thank you so much."
    - Miss C Goodchild
  • Slide 02 "My driving instructor was great. Really friendly, patient, and thorough. After passing my test I feel really confident that I can drive alone. If the instructors can put up with me and get me through the test they can do it for anyone. Would recommend to anyone wanting to learn to drive."
    - Miss N. Bowering
  • Taxi Training Slide "Just wanted to say thank you for everything you've done. You've helped me achieve something completely invaluable, for which I will always be grateful."
    - Miss R Curran
  • Slide 03 "Instructor was spot on, gave excellent customer service, I cannot fault him!"
    - Mr. A. Goodhall
  • ORDIT Training Slide "Thank you so much for all the help and support you both gave me (Instructor and office)."
    - Miss S Porritt
  • Slide 04 "Thanks for all your help in getting me through my driving test"
    - Mr. M. Atkinson
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What can we do for you?




If you have reached this page you may well be looking to buy driving lessons for yourself or someone else.

We will not use gimmicks or marketing tricks to get you into our cars but what we will offer you is quality tuition at a reasonable price.

We will NOT offer you 5 hours for £50 for you to find that you may not, in fact, do any driving during this time,(as has been reported to us on many occasions) nor will we offer you 10 hours for £99 and then surprise you by telling you that some of these lessons connot be taken until the end of the course.

We will however, teach you to drive properly so you are prepared to drive anywhere, not simply round and round test routes.



Practice theory test questions for free here.....http://rightdriver.co.uk

We are a well established, award winning driving school offering driving lessons to pupils throughout Stockton-on-Tees, Darlington, Hartlepool and Middlesbrough. We take care of everything for you, including your test bookings so you can concentrate on the important part - learning to drive. See 'Our services' below for 'Special Needs'

As well as driving lessons and assessments we offer mock driving tests to help prepare candidates for the practical test. This has helped a number of our candidates pass their driving test first time as they have a better idea of what to expect on test day, this service is also available to pupils from other driving schools.

All of our Instructors are fully qualified and are approved and monitored by the Driving Standards Agency. Any of our courses can be adapted to meet your needs, if you don't see what you're looking for, or to book your first driving lesson, simply give us a ring or Email us. Our contact details are on the right. 

Finding the right Instructor can be difficult, check out our information page for some advice. Once you have found your Instructor you may want to do some "private practice" with your family members. This is a good idea as well as a recommendation from the DSA, but it's no good doing it if you're allowed to develop bad habits or your accompanying driver doesn't know what is required of them. Accompanying learner drivers is important and it should be done effectively.


"My son Martyn has dyspraxia and other learning difficulties but he saw absolutely no reason why this would prevent him from learning to drive.
We booked lessons with an Instructor who had been recommended, and it appeared everyone was learning with him.
After numerous lessons a driving test was booked for Martyn but then one day his driving instructor took me aside rather than explain to Martyn that ‘’some people aren’t meant to drive’’
Months later I read an article about Neil and how he saw no reason why people with various difficulties should not be able to drive.
We met Neil, discussed the issues, and in his opinion he saw no reason why Martyn should not be able to drive.
Neil found ways to explain things in a way that made sense to Martyn, he gave him an alternative to the ‘normal’ approach of teaching someone to drive.
Martyn had three attempts at the driving test, failing the first two due to nerves, nothing major, and then he passed the third one almost fault free.
It is one of his best achievements of his life so far!
I am so pleased I read the article that day because it literally changed Martyn’s life."

Mrs. H. K.

“Exceed teach you to drive safely for life, not simply just to pass a test. I had lessons from both Neil and Brian - both were brilliant teachers and were incredibly passionate about what they were doing. Caron in the office was really friendly and helpful throughout the period. I genuinely think you would be really pushed to find a better driving school to learn with”.
Daniel Ackerley, passed with Exceed 2010

Before you start any training you will need a provisional license, Click here to apply for your provisional license

Gift vouchers are available from as little as £20 and include a free Highway Code* worth £2.49

*Included on voucher
*only one Highway code per customer.

Our Services

Our courses are personally tailored to suit your needs, our Instructors work from early until late and are backed up by the Exceed office which is able to provide a test booking service, loan of study material from our extensive library and computer disks for theory training.

The office also provides a convenient point of contact for all of our students. Our Instructors have attended an awareness course in Learning Disabilities/Special needs, which included the following;

  • Theory of learning
  • Domains of learning
  • Communication
  • Questioning

Areas covered

  • Downs Syndrome
  • Autism
  • Aspergers
  • Dyspraxia

Please ring the office for advice or information

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